Dreamy Wooden Dollhouse, Gift for kids

Dreamy Wooden Dollhouse, Gift for kids

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Product Information

Item Code EL-WG152
Product Type General Item
Product Name Dreamy Wooden Dollhouse, Gift for kids
Main Color Pink
Main Material Wood


The dollhouse of each room is very colorful and illustrated with much detail make it look real enough to be fun for the imagination.Multiple rooms and 3 stories make the house very attractive to children.
This doll house contains many pieces of furniture, and role-playing games can be played at any time to stimulate children's imagination.
Product size:
31.1*11.4*42.5 inch(L*W*H)
Package size:
33*21*4.25 inch(L*W*H)
Product weight: 28.8 lbs
Package weight: 30.7 lbs
1.Bright colors, suitable for children to play
2.The three-story building contains stairs and elevators. The scene is realistic and suitable for dolls such as Barbie dolls.
3.It is the best birthday gift for children, and also suitable for major festivals, suitable for children over 3 years old.
Pay attention: This doll house does not have voice control, nor does it contain lights. The doll house has passed CPC certification, please contact the store if you need it